Thursday, June 24, 2010


In early March, my Mom sent me a tiny newspaper clipping about a new treatment for MS. I set it down and a few days later, skeptically decided to investigate online. I was amazed at what I found and immediately began a quest to obtain this treatment for myself. It took me three months of daily 5-8 hour computer sessions, doggedly pursuing leads, researching, networking and getting on any and all lists before I could to get my appointment which was, at that time, two months away (currently it’s 5 weeks from today).

More Background:

After my initial and dramatic onset, I slowly healed but never got back the feeling in my hands (they are numb) and was never able to shake the crippling fatigue, so common in this illness, or the immense neck pain I feel almost daily. For about 5 ½ years [from 2002-07], I did OK, meaning my mobility was intact and most people couldn’t tell I had MS. Then things took a dramatic downward turn, and my walking was severely affected. I began to wall-walk and then to use a cane, now a walker and wheelchair.

I used to think it was a real cute saying, “I have MS, but it doesn’t have me” – I even got a t-shirt that said it. Now I know it’s bullshit. When you have MS, it DOES HAVE YOU, and at it’s whim, it will take you down and keep you there, make you suffer tremendously and push you to limits you never knew could be pushed to. It is a maniacal demon, a hideous beast that keeps you constantly terrified, not only for yourself, but for all those who care about you.

In early 2009, my MS Specialist Neurologist told me that I needed chemotherapy - that it was my last and only option because the ABCR drugs would not work for me, my MS was advancing too fast. I looked into chemo-alternative and traveled to California and worked with an excellent MD/naturopath. His methods didn’t do much for me (now we know why - no vitamin or supplement therapy in the world could help me if I had crunched veins in my head). I have made 4 visits to San Diego over the past year and continued to struggle and decline. Then my loving Mother sent me the newspaper clipping and put me on the path to be Liberated. Five weeks can’t go by fast enough for me! Stay tuned!

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