Wednesday, June 9, 2010


My name is Robin and I was stricken with MS eight years ago at the age of 41.

I know a lot about this disease, since my beloved sister, Michele, passsed away from it 6 years ago. She suffered with it for 25 years; she was 47 and completely paralyzed when she died. For 25 years, MS took a piece of her every year until she could no longer move, see, and finally, breathe. She was an awesome person and I still miss her badly. In the last two years of her life, I visited with her once a week and we shared many things. I would cook for her, read to her, share funny stories or just sit together with her to watch TV (what she could see of it with her failing eyesight). We made each other laugh every time I was with her. At her memorial service, I watched as each of my other 6 siblings shared memories of her, but I couldn't share any; it was just too painful, so I just spoke about the Blessings that are present in our lives at all times, we just have to look for them, they're there.

Of my parents' nine kids (seven girls and two boys/1 boy surviving), just two of us girls, Michele and I got MS.

I have been married to my wonderful husband, Mark, for 24 years. We have three children and one grandchild. I am blessed to have these awesome people in my life.

I want to be liberated from this disease and from the wheelchair and walker I now use. I'm on a mission to do this. Stay tuned.

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